Waffles, Banking, Cable Sports

BaylessCronin Adds Work From Restaurant, Online Bank, ESPN
ATLANTA–Mixing the old, the new and a sporting crew, BaylessCronin has been named agency
of record for the Waffle House breakfast chain and the Internet-only Pointpathbank.
The agency also has been awarded a broadcast campaign assignment. For ESPN, the Atlanta agency will introduce a new sports programming niche.
In late April, 3-D billboards began appearing around Atlanta. The displays show an enormous waffle while copy states, “You should see the bacon.” Waffle House marketing manager Jeff Wohl said last week the work was done by BaylessCronin, which has been hired as the 45-year-old company’s first advertising agency. The shop will soon produce radio ads as well.
Wohl said BaylessCronin was hired after an informal review and will handle all media duties. Previously, the account was in-house at the Norcross, Ga., company.
Pointpathbank is an online operation based in Columbus, Ga., and owned by Synovus Financial Corp. The Web site targets newlyweds and couples planning marriages.
The Atlanta agency topped five undisclosed shops. It will handle creative and media for both on- and offline work.
ESPN chose BaylessCronin to launch the cable sports network’s new Great Outdoor Games, which will be held in Lake Placid, N.Y. The event will be broadcast on ESPN and ESPN2 on July 27-Aug. 4.
Spence Kramer, ESPN’s director of advertising and program marketing, de-scribed the new sporting event as “a combination of ESPN’s outdoor programming and X games . . . lumberjack contests, target shooting, dog sports and fishing [with a] more competitive focus.”
Agency creative director Jerry Cronin worked on the Bristol, Conn.-based client’s account at his last agency, Wieden & Kennedy.
Billings or fees for all three accounts were undisclosed.