VW Looking for Hispanic Agency

DETROIT — Volkswagen of America is conducting a review involving several Hispanic agencies for a Spanish-language advertising project, VW representative Steve Keyes confirmed.

The automaker plans to make a selection by the end of February, he said. He declined to disclose a budget for the project. VW, whose lead agency is Arnold in Boston, spent $270 million on all U.S. advertising through September of last year.

VW is “working with the advice of Arnold” on the Hispanic project, Keyes said. In the past, Arnold has done direct English-to-Spanish translations of its work to run in Spanish media outlets. But the automaker feels its “Drivers Wanted” tagline doesn’t translate well and original creative might be more effective, Keyes said.

The automaker does not currently have an agency for African-American targeting. VW works with Palm Publicite Marketing, an agency in Montreal, for French-speaking advertising which runs Quebec, he said.