Viva Sonora

A trio of U.S. agencies is assisting the economic development council of Sonora, Mexico, launch a public information campaign to stimulate economic growth in the country’s second largest state.
La Agencia de Orc’ & Asociados and Spelling Communications, both in Los Angeles, and The Martz Agency, Scottsdale, Ariz., are working with 11 Sonoran agencies that have banded together to form Sonora Marketing to support the effort.
“Sonora’s lack of exposure is also its strength,” said Javier G‡ndara, the council’s executive president. “Ours is a state with abundant tourist attractions and diverse industrial opportunities. By increasing awareness of our ‘hidden treasures,’ we can begin to stimulate increased market demand for [them].”
A task force has already begun market research for the project. The initial U.S. and Mexican communications campaigns to promote tourism and industrial development will be launched this month, while a campaign for export market products will roll out later in the year. The entire program will continue into 1999.
–Angela Dawson