Vitts Promises Network Managers Peace of Mind

In a print and radio campaign now breaking throughout New England, Rainier Corp. positions Vitts Networks’ Internet access offerings as reliable and worry-free.
Ads seek to introduce the Manchester, N.H.-based provider of digital subscriber line (DSL) technology to small and midsized Massachusetts companies, eschewing the promises of speed that typify most advertising in the category, said Rainier president Stephen Schuster.
Instead, the Princeton, Mass.-based shop chose to create a branding effort focused on the ability of Vitts’ products to relieve the hassle managers endure when their networks crash, he said.
One ad headlined, “With a Vitts network, I’m the one with downtime” shows a man riding a bike in the park with his kid. Another shows feet up on a desk with copy that begins, “They used to come to me with network problems–Not anymore.” The tagline: “Vitts never quits.”
Spending is in the low seven figures, Schuster said.
The campaign will run in Boston, Worcester, Mass., and southern New Hampshire for the next 12 months. The media buy includes local radio, daily newspapers, business publications and high-tech journals. Rainier is also creating direct mail, collateral and interactive executions.
While Vitts is hoping the campaign establishes the company as a regional DSL player, Rainier itself is looking to build credibility in the marketplace as a tech-driven, full-service shop.
“We’ve been full service since our founding six years ago,” Schuster said of the 25-person shop, which in the past year has opened outposts in London and Santa Clara, Calif. Schuster believes Rainier is “on the cusp” of joining the region’s midsized ranks.
To get there, the agency will maintain its equal mix of advertising and public relations and continue to focus on emerging technologies with no plan to branch into the consumer field anytime soon, he said.
“We’re going to take the same model and scale it up” in an effort to perhaps double its size in the next few years, Schuster said.