Viral Ad Of The Month

If a friend is in need of a little career advice, send him a link to www.buddylee- Lee Jeans’ little man is offering such advice in a new Web site by Fallon in Minneapolis. Reprising his role as guidance counselor from last year’s TV spots, Buddy Lee is offering online tools, including amusing games, to help them determine what career path they should choose. Among them: Alaskan fisherman, matador or judo champion. You can calculate how much you might be able to make as a beer vendor, sheep farmer or romance novelist. There is also a list of interview tips, such as “Always maintain eye contact,” accompanied by black-and-white illustrations in a deadpan style. And from the site, you can send an e-mail to any friends who you think need “guidance.” Even if you’re not looking for a new career, the site’s a good break from even the dreamiest of jobs.