Viral Ad Of The Month

A viral ad should make you stop in your tracks. That’s what a bizarre ad for Vivre, a Japanese clothing store, did for freelancer Laura Fegley. The ad, by Uchu-Country, Tokyo, shows a bizarre aerobics instructor, with skin puffed out like poodle fur, teaching poodles aerobics—with a totally straight face. “It was a long piece, and I watched the whole thing,” she says, adding that about 15 people sent it to her, beginning about five months ago. “I continued to watch it each time.” The ad spurred a big debate on the ADC awards jury, with “half the room saying it was the coolest thing they’d ever seen, and the other half saying ‘What the hell is this?'” Fegley says. (It was given a merit award.) Watch it at movies09.html. And please send your submissions for our “Viral ad of the month” brief to