Verizon Yellow Pages “Plumber”

Trust is the lubricant that helps a sophisticated economy run smoothly. That’s why a sudden decline in trust – doubting that people and institutions will repay their loans, honor their contracts, pay their bills, etc. — is
doing so much to prolong the recession. In this environment, it makes sense for brands to address consumer distrust in more obvious, literal-minded ways than they would in better times. And that’s what we find in this spot by Dallas-based TM Advertising for Idearc Media, publisher of the Verizon Yellow Pages and provider of To publicize the company’s new SuperGuarantee, in which Idearc guarantees the work done by advertisers who enlist in its program, the spot dresses up plumbers, roofers, pet groomers
and the like in yellow capes to emphasize that it’s now easy to spot “the good guys.” (Participating advertisers get to display a SuperGuarantee symbol in their ads in the Yellow Pages or on The spot looks as silly as it probably sounds. But consumers who are wary of the services they choose at random from a phone directory will readily grasp that this guarantee streamlines the process — and, in a pinch, could rescue them from losing money if a Yellow Pages or Superpages advertiser doesn’t do the job as promised. I’m not expecting to see a bunch of people in yellow capes picking up awards for this spot at Cannes. However, such a goofy commercial is a better bet these days than one that doesn’t toil as hard to foster consumers’ trust. –Mark Dolliver