Verizon Hits Back in Map Ad Flap

Just days after it was hit with a lawsuit over competitive claims in a series of ads, Verizon Wireless is mincing no words in response.

“This is a junk lawsuit. It has no merit,” said Verizon rep Jeffrey Nelson, referring to a lawsuit filed by AT&T on Nov. 3 in which the company claims that Verizon’s “There’s a map for that” ads are misleading.

AT&T specifically points to the large amount of white space featured in U.S. maps depicted in the Verizon ads. AT&T argues that the white space implies the company has no cellphone coverage in large swaths of the country.

Such claims are bogus, per Verizon, since the map in the offending ad is specifically about 3G service, and does not clarify that AT&T offers other levels of cell service in non-3G zones.

“It’s surprising that rather than defend the ‘blue’ hot spots on their 3G map, our competitor instead focuses on their white spaces,” said Nelson. “The maps clearly note that the comparisons are of 3G service, and further note that voice and data services are available in other places.”

Nielsen Business Media