Vegas Tourism’s Super Bowl Ads Aren’t on CBS

LOS ANGELES The Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority has launched a campaign centered on Super Bowl XXXVIII. But instead of the spots running on CBS during the game, the work will appear on competing national networks and cable channels, according to LVCVA agency R&R Partners.

The $1.5 million effort includes two versions of a 30-second TV spot. One execution, which will run on game day, opens with a panoramic shot of the Las Vegas Strip at night. Onscreen text reads, “Today they’re playing the biggest game of the year. Hundreds of thousands of fans are on the edge of their seats, living and dying with every play, going nuts on every snap. If only it was this exciting at the game in Houston,” where the game will be played on Feb. 1.

Spots are running on cable channels such as Bravo, Comedy Central, E!, ESPN, ESPN 2 and MSNBC.

The Las Vegas-based agency also created a grid card for office pools, which is running in Maxim and can be downloaded at

The campaign comes a year after the National Football League refused to air the LVCVA’s provocative “Vegas Stories” spots during the Super Bowl. The campaign included a spot in which a sexy, flirtatious woman in the backseat of a limousine tells the driver how much she loves the smell of the leather seats. When she emerges from the limo, she is dressed as a sophisticated businesswoman and speaks with a British accent.

While R&R Partners CEO Billy Vassiliadis said the shop has not forgotten about last year’s rejection, he added, “We wanted to step it up a notch this year. We felt that last year the branding campaign really penetrated so well, we could afford to take a little money out of the budget to more specifically target our message.”

In the past, the LVCVA has centered promotions on events such as the National Basketball Association finals, the World Series, Grammy Awards and Academy Awards. The shop also conducted guerrilla marketing in San Diego for the Super Bowl, Vassiliadis said.