Van Kampen Finds ‘True Wealth’

Not everyone investing in a mutual fund is looking to get filthy rich, according to research by DDB for Van Kampen Funds.
That supports the Chicago shop’s first branding campaign for Van Kampen since it picked up the account more than two years ago. Tagged “True wealth,” the TV and print work suggests consumers want the security of knowing they’ll be able to maintain their existing lifestyle, and don’t necessarily invest to gain greater wealth.
“I think it was a surprise,” said Frank Wheeler, vice president and director of brand marketing at the Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., client. “People like the life they live today.”
DDB’s TV work plays off the well-known fables of King Midas and Camelot in a voiceover that contrasts with what is seen on the screen–contented Van Kampen investors.
“We’re carving out an emotional territory specifically for Van Kampen,” said Paul Brourman, group creative director at DDB.
Since winning Van Kampen in 1997, DDB has produced only product performance advertising. Spending last year was $10 million, according to Competitive Media Reporting. Wheeler declined to give a figure but said this year’s outlay would be a significant increase from that of past years.
TV breaks this week on CNBC and CNN, with network buys later in the year. Print ads are in both consumer and trade financial magazines, from Fortune to Registered Representative. K