UWMD to Launch New Work Via Slingshot

DALLAS Slingshot promotes building a stronger community in its first pro bono spots for United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. The image campaign marks the first TV work the client has done in 10 years, the shop said.

The Dallas shop created and produced two 30-second TV spots, with Dallas-based Fat Lady Sings providing pro bono broadcast-production support. The spots will air in the Dallas area from Sept. 8 through Nov. 9.

One spot opens with a homeless man sitting on a crowded street corner. As professionals walk quickly past him, he reaches out his hand for help. Suddenly, a clean hand clasps his own dirty one. As he looks into the face of his benefactor, he sees himself, only well-dressed and cleanly shaven.

The next shot shows the man having lunch with a woman in a nice cafe as a voiceover says, “By contributing to United Way, you can change a life.”

The spot ends with another shot of the dirty hand clutching the clean one and the organization’s logo.

The other spot opens with a shot of an empty merry-go-round. It cuts to a woman sitting on a bench with her two children as suitcases lie near their feet. As she begins to cry, a hand reaches out to touch her chin. Then she looks up and sees herself smiling back at her.

The spot concludes with the mother laughing as she pushes her children on the merry-go-round. A voiceover says, “By contributing to United Way, you can change a life.” The United Way logo completes the spot.

The “Story of You” image campaign will support the four county area served by UWMD, Collin County United Way and Greater Lewisville United Way. The effort also includes an annual report, a video, a brochure and a poster.

Due to high production costs, UWMD has not released a TV campaign in 10 years, the shop said. The local nonprofit organization previously relied on short-term projects from several different agencies in the past.

Slingshot was chosen in March for the UWMD business without a review.