U.S. Cellular “Fish”

Publicis & Hal Riney turns a San Francisco street into a deep-sea adventure in this charming spot for U.S. Cellular. Giant balloons, soap bubbles and sound effects are used to create an “underwater” atmosphere on dry land, and this early cut of the spot captures the action as the crew works to transform an urban setting into an open aquarium to the delight of the neighborhood. The result is a compelling feel-good spot that keeps you watching as fish float down a street, a building turns into a giant octopus and — to less effect — a car becomes coral. The experience is all about anticipation, wondering where these whimsical images will take you in the end. “The world is full of things to share,” says the voiceover as the floating parade culminates at a block party. “That’s why only U.S. Cellular has free incoming calls, text and pics.” People are glimpsed taking pictures with mobile phones, but their inclusion almost seems secondary to the peaceful and otherwise imaginative journey.–Eleftheria Parpis