Two new ads by Fallon in London for Skoda, the

Two new ads by Fallon in London for Skoda, the Czech carmaker owned by Volkswagen, and directed by Biscuit Filmworks Noam Murro, feature highly unlikely scenarios to demonstrate unknown features about the car. The first, for Skoda’s Octavia Estate 4×4, shows an overweight gymnast (actually a professional gymnast in a fat suit) being surprisingly graceful during a floor routine. “Big and agile,” a voice-over says. “You don’t see that very often.” A second spot shows a trouser press chasing a robber. Like the Skoda Fabia, says the ad, the press is “useful and exciting.” After raising Skoda’s brand awareness in the U.K. for five years, this new campaign aims to further educate consumers, says creative director Andy Mcleod. “They might realize Skoda makes a pretty OK big car, but they might not realize how agile and great it is. We’re just trying to keep ahead of that,” he says.