TV Listings Search Site Launches

NEW YORK MeeVee, a search engine designed to make it easier for consumers to locate information about programs in an expanding TV landscape, has gone live.

The service lets users comb through program schedules and includes a recommendation tool. The site supports searches via show titles, cast member names and various keywords. Burlingame, Calif.-based MeeVee relies on advertising for revenue.

“The problem that has been growing on TV is this concept of program overload,” said Michael Raineri, MeeVee’s chief marketing officer. “It’s getting harder and harder for people to find things to watch.”

The site takes a similar approach to Google, which has confined its video search engine to providing TV program information, rather than direct access to shows. Yahoo and have focused their video search efforts on building indexes of video clips available online.

MeeVee will include video clips from some providers, and has already signed a deal with NBC to show footage from that network’s programs. The startup said it has more than 300 media partners providing content.

It plans to promote the site through radio and outdoor ads, in addition to banner and search advertising.

CNET today began its own TV information site,, which allows fans of particular programming to connect with each other through social-networking tools and message boards.