Tuerff, GCI to Tell Dell’s Recycling Story

DALLAS Dell Computer Corp. has hired Tuerff-Davis EnviroMedia and GCI Read-Poland to handle public relations efforts for its new computer recycling program, Tuerff-Davis said.

Tuerff-Davis, which specializes in environment-friendly advertising and public relations, co-pitched the account with GCI Read-Poland, which, like other GCI Group offices, handles much of Dell’s public relations support.

The two Austin, Texas, firms will promote Dell’s new customer recycling program, which the Round Rock, Texas-based client launched last October, to customers, opinion leaders and environmental groups, according to GCI Read-Poland president and CEO Jeff Hunt.

Under the program customers will be able to recycle desktop and notebook computers from any manufacturer through www.dellexchange.com.

Tuerff and GCI co-pitched the business in a competitive agency-selection process that included undisclosed firms. The shops have a one-year contract. The effort will also include strategy and some design work and collateral, according to Tuerff-Davis president and principal Kevin Tuerff.

Both Tuerff and Hunt said the win exemplifies Dell’s confidence in their strengths.

“Working for such a large corporation on environmental issues is exactly what EnviroMedia was made for,” Tuerff said. “We have tremendous expertise and connections with the recycling world and also have the creativity to help make [Dell’s] program successful.”

Hunt said, “More than anything it’s an expression in confidence in our work for Dell.” He added, “For us it’s an opportunity to work on a very important area for Dell because Dell has a great story to tell about its environmental practices. Dell has a tendency to get on with things and not step back and tell people all the good things it’s doing and that’s particularly true with the environment.”