Tuerff-Davis Debuts Anti-Smoking Spot

DALLAS Tuerff-Davis EnviroMedia’s latest installment of its “Worth it?” campaign for the Texas Department of Health alerts teenagers to the chemicals inside secondhand smoke.

The 30-second spot, which breaks today, opens with a list of harmful chemicals written in black letters on the side of a white 18-wheeler. As the truck speeds along the highway, the latch at the back of the vehicle begins to rattle as it becomes loose.

The next shot shows an aerial view of the truck, revealing the words “4,000 chemicals inside” on the rooftop. As the latch rattles, a roadblock that warns of a “dead end” appears ahead. The driver applies the breaks, and the truck comes to a screeching stop.

Then the back doors suddenly swing open, and a lone cigarette is shown burning on the bed of truck. A voiceover says, “One lit cigarette produces 4,000 chemicals that you’re breathing in, even if you’re not the one smoking.”

The spot, which targets teens ages 13-17, finishes with the “Worth it?” tagline and a link for the department’s anti-smoking teen Web site. The work is running as paid media in Houston and Beaumont, Texas, and as a public service announcement throughout the state.

A Spanish version is also part of the effort, which continues the teen anti-smoking campaign that began in August 2002. The effort will also be supported by radio and outdoor components.

Spending for the campaign is less than $500,000, the Austin, Texas-based agency said.