Truth and Dare Mix at Del Taco

G&M Uses Knievel-Like Character to Sell the New ‘Ultimate Taco’
LOS ANGELES–Legendary daredevil Evel Knievel is the unlikely inspiration for a new Del Taco TV commercial.
The 30-second spot, created by G&M Plumbing, Santa Monica, Calif., uses a Knievel-like daredevil character to highlight the fast-food chain’s newly unveiled Ultimate Taco.
“With the Ultimate Taco, we’ve done for our pillar product what the burger chains did for the burger,” said Tim Hackbardt, vp of marketing at Del Taco, Laguna Hills, Calif.
The commercial highlights the now-larger 99-cent taco, which is meant to compete with fast-food mainstays such as Burger King’s Whopper and McDonald’s Big Mac.
It features the daredevil character riding a unicycle off the top of a downtown Los Angeles high-rise. An announcer says, “Here at Del Taco, we don’t have a big media budget, so our commercials have to be memorable, which is why we hired this daredevil to help us promote our new Ultimate Taco.”
He then concludes: “The Ultimate Taco is the best taco.”
Former TBWA\Chiat\Day creatives Glenn Miller and Mickey Taylor, founders of G&M Plumbing, said promoting a new product and finding a good unicyclist were major challenges.
“The challenge is always to do something that people are going to want to watch again and again,” said Taylor.
The TV spot is airing in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Calif., Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Yuma, Ariz., among other cities. Radio ads are airing in Bullhead City, Flagstaff and Phoenix, Ariz.; El Centro, Modesto, San Diego and Visalia/Tulare/Hanford, Calif.; and Reno, Nev.
The daredevil spot follows an earlier ad from G&M that featured a fictional Del Taco employee in charge of product development who is terrified he might get fired if
the new Works Burritos don’t sell (Adweek, April 17). The startup creative boutique picked up the account in March, replacing WongDoody.