TrueCredit “Chuck Storm”

It worked for the Three Stooges, it can work for a credit-report service! Physical slapstick, that is. It’s what we find, at any rate, in this spot for TransUnion’s, via Cramer-Krasselt of Chicago. A finance related commercial that focused on finances these would likely be grim – or, if not grim, would seem delusional. Much better, then, to have a know-it-all TV-news reporter walk into a lamppost. The theme line “Fight the unexpected” manages, if barely, to draw a connection between the advertisers’s service and the physical comedy on display. By giving viewers a laugh instead of trying to scare them, also distinguishes itself from the general run of credit-report services. One bonus, in this era of ad-skipping, is that the spot’s mimicry of a TV news report will come across as the real thing at first glance, thus staying the viewer’s hand from reaching for the remote control.–Mark Dolliver