Trivial Vermont

Question: What do the Mars Pathfinder and Deep Blue, the chess-playing computer, have in common? Answer: Both use chips designed and manufactured by IBM in Essex Junction, Vt. Question: How long is a Vermonter’s average commute to work? Answer: 15 minutes.
These are just some of the facts you’ll find in a direct mail kit designed to lure businesses to the Green Mountain state. Developed by KSV, Burlington, Vt., for the Vermont Department of Economic Development, the package contains a trivia game titled Vermont, Who Would Have Thought?
Colorful cartoon artwork, including snowy mountains and whimsical Holsteins, are used to illustrate the state’s folksy, friendly and vibrant business climate.
The goal: to combat Vermont’s perceived anti-business image and make corporate executives aware of the economic and lifestyle incentives the state has to offer.
Don’t expect to see any outdoor ads touting its business-friendly environment, however. Q: Vermont law bans what kind of advertising? A: Billboards.
–David Gianatasio