A Tree Trust Looks to Grow In Durham

Based on its work for other nonprofit organizations, West & Vaughan in Durham, N.C., was selected without a review to create image advertising for the National Tree Trust in Washington, D.C.
The account was previously handled in-house, said client public relations program director Glenn Baly. “We wanted more professional ads, ads that would really be effective,” Baly explained.
Media placement will be handled internally with assistance from West & Vaughan. Baly declined to specify the budget.
National Tree Trust was established as part of the America the Beautiful Act of 1990. The organization’s mission is to encourage community volunteer groups to plant trees in rural towns, urban areas and along the nation’s highways.
The trust learned of West & Vaughan via the shop’s ads for a YMCA in New Jersey, which Baly said demonstrated “a rare ability to spur public involvement.”
An emotional thread runs through the three ads West & Vaughan is working on for the National Tree Trust. Each ad employs the theme “Remember your favorite tree?”
One ad’s goal is to raise awareness of the National Tree Trust’s corporate supporters, including national sponsor Texaco and 13 donating sponsors such as Union Camp, Georgia-Pacific and Kimberly-Clark. The organization receives 75 percent of its seedlings from the donating sponsors. National Tree Trust wants to shed light on the fact that such companies do not only cut down trees, they also replenish them.
The National Tree Trust account is “a nice mix of corporate advancement . . . and environmental issues,” said West & Vaughan creative director Robert Shaw West.
Since February, West & Vaughan has won the accounts of ReadyCom, impac Technologies, Biscuitville and Herpes Advice Center. The agency reports billings of $32 million.