Treats for the Entire Family

DALLAS-Once a haven for the health conscious, TCBY Treats Shops now revel in the decadence of sundaes and banana splits for all family members in a new television, radio and outdoor campaign set to launch May 24.
Through longtime agency Stone & Ward in Little Rock, TCBY focuses on reasons to “celebrate” the 3,000-store chain’s variety of soft-serve and frozen yogurts and ice creams in various vignettes of children playing adult roles.
Billings were undisclosed, although TCBY vice president of corporate communications Stacy Duckett said the effort would be in the “multimillion dollar” range. Competitive Media Reporting showed TCBY with less than $1 million in advertising expenditures in 1998 after topping $3 million in 1997.
Television will be placed in spot buy markets, including Little Rock and Central Texas.
A single 30-second spot captures children enjoying TCBY’s desserts while dressed up as high school graduates, construction workers and wedding participants.
“Life is full of reasons to celebrate with TCBY frozen treats,” ex-claims a voiceover, reflecting the kids’ roles. “Reaching a goal; a hard day at work; life-changing moments.”
Whereas previous TCBY ads were strictly brand-building, Duckett said the new campaign does more to showcase the product line. Each television spot ends with a plug for a different frozen treat. The Little Rock company is reinforcing its position as a place where families can celebrate together, said marketing senior vice president Heyward Whetsell.