TracyLocke Promotes Retail Pro

DALLAS TracyLocke has advanced retail marketing specialist Al Wittemen to managing director for retail strategy to lead retail and shopper marketing efforts, the agency said.

Wittemen’s previous title was director of retail strategy. Over his 30-year career, he has worked in co-marketing, account-specific strategic marketing, in-store advertising and promotion, and direct management in sales and marketing, the agency said.

“Al is a retail czar,” said Ron Askew, CEO of TracyLocke. “He is a proven leader and visionary in understanding the magic that takes place when a consumer and brand interact at the point of sale.”

Wittemen joined TracyLocke in June 2004 from his own specialty retail branding company, the Retail Performance Group. He also worked at a variety of agencies including the Ryan Partnership.

The first half of his career was spent on the client side, for companies such as Heinz, Swift and Guinness, where he built a career in sales, sales planning and marketing, as well as working with key retailers.

“The retail space is the most dynamic media channel available to marketers today,” Wittemen said. “Those marketers who are succeeding in the marketplace are those who are investing in improving their brand’s position in the store.”

TracyLocke, part of the Omnicom Group, maintains headquarters offices in Dallas and Wilton, Conn.