Total Name Recognition: With Ad Ante Being Upped by Competitors, Warburg Pincus Takes to the Airwaves

By Sarah Jones

BOSTON–Warburg Pincus Funds has made its television debut in a commercial created by DiBona, Bornstein & Random in Boston.

The 30-second spot seeks to fashion an identity for the New York-based mutual funds company through abstract images and more than 20 references to its name.

The commercial opens with a male voiceover asking, ‘You know how you hear some words and you think you’ve seen them before?’

Then ‘Warburg Pincus Funds’ flashes onto the screen, as a puzzled-looking man taps his forehead and tries to recall the name.

‘Investments, right,’ the voiceover continues. ‘They manage money. Serious.’

While shots of dolphins, cars, double-decker buses and golden fields of wheat establish a ubiquitous, international background, ‘Warburg Pincus’ flashes every few seconds.

‘We’re trying to register the brand identity of the funds, and trying to do it in a way that shows a discernably different image in the financial services industry,’ said Stanley Bornstein, who acted as copywriter and creative director along with partner and art director David Random on the campaign. ‘We’re trying to replicate the thought process of a prospective investor making the transition from an exposure to Warburg Pincus to the recall of the name.’

Sophisticated investors and financial advisors are being targeted, Bornstein said, ‘and because of that we feel we don’t really need to use the spot as a platform to educate people about investing so much as reinforce the name and identity.’

The commercial finishes with the potential investor writing down the Warburg Pincus name as the voiceover concludes, ‘They manage money. Right.’

DiBona, Bornstein & Random also created a print campaign that has been running for four years in financial publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s and Smart Money. Logos from the print ads appear in the TV spot.

The commercial broke at the end of May on major cable television networks including CNN, ESPN, A&E, and Discovery.

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