Top 10 Commercials of the Week


H&M ‘Blue Velvet’

H&M proves it still can get the big names, as Lana Del Rey sings "Blue Velvet" in the fashion chain's Lynchian music video. 


Facebook ‘The Things That Connect Us’

A company that has 1 billion users probably thinks it can't overreach. Yet this ad does.


Luvs ‘Breastfeeding’

Luvs uses the often-controversial topic of public breastfeeding to show how some things come easier to moms the second time around. 


Google Maps ‘Explore the Ocean With Google Maps’

Google Maps's Street View takes the plunge, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean floor. It can help you find your way to a friend's house, if your friend lives in a coral reef.


Corona ‘Gruden’s Guide’

Cheeky animated clips anchored by Jon Gruden school viewers on the attractions and etiquette of 10 gridiron getaways. 


Guinness ‘Cloud’

Guinness releases an impressive "fluff" piece about a self-aware do-gooder cloud. He doesn't mention beer, but puffs up the well-known brand. 


Snickers ‘Horseless Headsman’

For Halloween, Snickers and BBDO feature a bumbling (and at first unfrightening) character, the Horseless Headsman, who suddenly finds his scary side.


Cartoon Network ‘Tribute to the First 20 Years’

Cartoon Network celebrated its 20th birthday by commissioning a beautiful morphing animation by London's ILoveDust, which crammed nearly 100 characters into two minutes. 


Jewish Council for Education and Research ‘Wake the F**k Up’

Samuel L. Jackson reprises his role from Adam Mansbach's "Go the F**k to Sleep" in this new, four-minute pro-Obama video titled, "Wake the F**k Up."


Expedia ‘Find Your Understanding’

Travel site Expedia endorses gay marriage, and shows how it brings families together when it matters the most, in a new ad from 180LA.