Top 10 Commercials of the Week


WaterIsLife ‘First World Problems’

In a stirring PSA for WaterIsLife, DDB hijacked the #FirstWorldProblems hashtag and had impoverished Haitians read the ironic tweets aloud.


Jordan Brand ‘Cut Through L.A.’

Wieden + Kennedy filmed a glorious frozen moment in L.A. with dozens of Chris Pauls.


HBO Go ‘Grandma’

[brightcove id="1886177611001"]

Your grandmother loves you—just not as much as HBO Go. Don't be upset. Your mom, your fiancée and your dog can't compare either.  


Heinz ‘I Love Winter’

[brightcove id="1880201015001"]

Heinz prepares you for the cold with a warm tale of soup as comfort food.


Smirnoff ‘Nocturnal Awakening’

Smirnoff and JWT show you the night that's possible if you just mix in a little vodka. 


Center for Science in the Public Interest ‘Real Bears’

These polar bears may look like their Coke-swilling cousins, but they're here to deliver a darker message about sugar intake.


Baileys Irish Cream ‘Pour Spectacular’

[brightcove id="1888762079001"]

What could make Baileys over ice even nicer? When the pour blossoms into a three-ringed group of tiny dancers holding hands and pulsating.


Cow & Gate ‘Supergroup’

Babies "playing" 1980s hit "Come On Eileen"? Let's watch, then buy some baby food.  


Dish Network ‘Ranchers’

Dish Network continues its love affair with cowboys in a spot for its new Internet service, which works even way out in the fields.


Chipotle ‘Boorito 2012’

Rob Riggle is a life-size Frankenstein, and not a very friendly one, in this spot for the chain's annual Halloween charity offer.