Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Kmart ‘Halloween Costume Challenge’

One-half of the Stick and Move dance duo beat the Guinness World Record for number of costume changes—over 150 in just over six hours—in this frenetic Kmart ad.


LG ‘So Real it’s Scary’

LG set out to prove that its IPS monitors have super life-like colors by installing a false floor of monitors in an elevator and recording people's freaked-out reactions when the floor appeared to fall away. Fake? Perhaps, but millions bought it.


Apple ‘Piano’

You might not need the iPad mini, but the ads will make sure you want it anyway.


PlayStation ‘The All-Star’

The PlayStation's popular heroes attack each other in the new Battle Royale spot from Deutsch L.A.


DnB ‘The Treasure’

What could be better than waking up married to George Clooney? Taking a trip with him to Bora Bora and finding buried treasure!


Ikea ‘Playin’ With My Friends’

Neither child nor beast can deny the thrill of cooking, eating and entertaining together in this fun new spot for Ikea. 


Old Milwaukee ‘Svenska’

Old Milwaukee's Will Ferrell campaign keeps getting weirder. After airing low-budget ads around the U.S., the comedian has gone international—appearing in at least four ads now airing in Sweden


Spike TV ‘The Duffy Twins’

Young men are obsessed with ravaged anatomies—any poorly functioning body part will do. Targeting that demo, Spike saw promise in the idea of twin brothers joined at the chest. 


Coke Zero ’70 Seconds’

Coke Zero prompts train passengers at a vending machine to walk to a certain platform to get free Skyfall tickets—but the journey is frought with all sorts of invented obstacles, turning the ticket seeker into a stand-in for 007 himself. 


Cadbury Screme Eggs ‘Last Stand’

Cadbury "Screme" Eggs are amusingly rotten in new Halloween ads from Canada in which they hunt down their Creme Egg bretheren. "Get them while you last!" says the tagline.