tool Time

Shovels and shears sculpt perfect works of art in LehmanMillet’s new print campaign for Abbott Vascular Devices, which aims to show the importance of surgeons’ tools.

“We thought: What if some of the greatest artists, like Rodin, worked with tools like sand?” said Deborah Lotterman, svp and creative director at the Boston agency.

One execution shows a version of Rodin’s statue The Thinker—perfectly replicated in sand—sitting on the beach. Next to its feet rests a yellow kiddie shovel and pail.

“Tools should not limit talent,” reads the copy. “In fact, the best tools have an entirely opposite effect. They elevate great talent to new and unimagined heights. … Abbott Vascular Devices designs minimally invasive instruments for some of today’s most pressing needs in vascular medicine.”

Another ad pictures The Discus Thrower … made out of topiary. Atlas, crafted from snow, is featured in one more ad. The tagline: “The unexpected answer.”

The Abbott Park, Ill.-based client’s message is that although surgeons work at an incredibly high skill level, an even higher level can be attained with great tools, said Lotterman. The work, which targets interventional cardiologists, breaks in June books of trade publications.