@Tmosphere Works on Office Depot

In its fourth new business win in as many months with parent company BBDO New York, @tmosphere has now begun work for Office Depot, concentrating on such aspects as e-mail and direct marketing–all of which will be integrated into BBDO’s overall corporate branding effort for the $50 million account.

“[Office Depot’s] online component is critical to their long-term success and a big part of their brand’s repositioning,” said @tmosphere managing director Jeff Brooks, who said the Delray Beach, Fla.-based office supply retailer now plans to focus on its small business customers. “They already have a tremendously successful and compelling online program,” Brooks said. “We’re going to be partnering with them to add greater value to that.”

Brooks would not give details on @tmosphere’s responsibilities, calling it a work in progress. But Monica Luechtefeld, Office Depot’s executive vp of e-commerce said @tmosphere’s work will focus less on the retailer’s massive Web site–the company expects the site to generate $1.5 billion in sales this year–as it will on its external marketing campaigns, including e-mail and direct marketing efforts.

“When you talk about an online advertising program, you have far less space and room than you do in a 30- or a 60-second commercial,” said Luechtefeld. “So how do you condense the message, get the essence of it and do it effectively online will be the role [@tmosphere] will play.”

In the past four months, @tmosphere with BBDO has won new business from Cingular and Wrigley’s, and additional responsibilities with existing client, the Financial Times.

“I think this [Office Depot] win is a huge feather in the cap of integration,” said John Osborn, BBDO’s director of integrated marketing, adding that other BBDO divisions working on the account will include direct marketer Rapp Collins Worldwide and field marketer MarketStar. “It fits with the whole renewed focus that we’re seeing in terms of more consistency and more coherency of message.”

Besides, said Osborn, “it’s not like we have to come in and fix something that’s broken. This is more fine tuning, it’s more like making sure we’re calibrated.”