Titan Triples Its NYC Kiosk Inventory

Titan is set to triple its outdoor phone kiosk inventory in New York City with an agreement to acquire 1,900 pay phones and 1,300 kiosk locations from Verizon. The transaction will make Titan the largest provider of phone kiosk advertising in New York with more than 5,000 advertising faces. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Verizon has now divested its entire New York kiosk inventory. Last year, the company sold 652 pay phones and 462 phone kiosks to Titan.

As part of the deal, Titan will also own the phones and the revenue from the calls.

Though people may not make as many calls from landlines nowadays, few passersby can miss the eye-level advertising on the kiosks.

“The displays are seen by both pedestrians and drivers and enable clients to target audiences and retail locations with pinpoint accuracy,” said Don Allman, president and CEO of Titan. “In many key areas of the city, Titan phone kiosks are the only available media.”

In addition to offering advertisers the option of wrapping kiosks, Titan plans to develop other creative formats.