Time To Strike

The never-ending quest for “a campaign with balls” is not lost on the folks at Brunswick Bowling Products.

The venerable supplier of all things bowling is pinning its hopes on a new ball that gracefully sports advertising images in a way that seems more befitting of fine china.

A number of prominent brands have signed up to get things rolling. To drive home the artistic potential of the ball—the product of a “break through, patent-pending, 360-degree printing process”—Brunswick recently hosted a lunch party at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art and presented a perform ance by Penn and Teller to underscore the “Art of Transformation” theme.

The big question, of course, is how long it will be until the Vis-A-Ball becomes a player in media plans.

“There is a lot of potential in that area,” said Brunswick general manager Jerry Perkins.

Thus far, the company is paying Coca-Cola, Disney, Miller and a handful of other firms a licensing fee to put their brand names on the first batch of balls. The idea is that other sponsors will eventually come calling. Neighborhood bowling centers, meanwhile, will be able to offer the ad medium to local merchants.

“This not your father’s bowling ball,” said Perkins.