Those Busy Brides-to-Be

It’s a wonder a bride is able to drag herself down the aisle when the time comes. A survey by Bride’s magazine makes it clear the run-up to the big day is an exhausting process. Indeed, 48 percent of brides-to-be wish they could take a leave of absence from work to toil full-time on the wedding. It’s not just a matter of picking out a dress, though the typical bride tries on a dozen gowns before making her choice. More than one in three (37 percent) plan to have some part of themselves professionally “fixed,” with the renovations ranging from teeth whitening to hair/mole/tattoo removal to breast implants to tummy tucks. Likewise, 54 percent have “started or intensified a diet/exercise regime” to shape up for W day. Grooms wouldn’t survive the rigors of all this. But their fiancées somehow take it in stride, and 89 percent say the engagement period is the happiest time of their lives.