For those about to rock, we have found the

For those about to rock, we have found the perfect agency credentials kit.

In this sixth installment of Adweek’s ongoing series on new-business materials, we present perhaps the most streamlined, conceptual kit thus far: davidandgoliath’s “one shot” mailing. It consists of a simple burlap pouch containing a single rock imprinted with the shop’s name and Web address. Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. Just a literal manifestation of the Biblical story from which the agency took its name. The Web site does the rest.

Elsewhere in this batch: a humorous Osteo-BiFlex case study from Cramer-Krasselt that takes the form of Frankenstein’s diary (complete with existential musings and notations about drink dates) and an invitation from Boone/Oakley to fill out a Mad Libs-like letter.

Bernstein-Rein and Saatchi & Saatchi round out the group, deciding to go with somewhat more conventional approaches.