Thomasville Furniture Decides

McCarthy Mambro Ber-tino has won the estimated $8 million account of Thomasville Furniture.

The Boston agency defeated McKinney & Silver in Raleigh, N.C., in the final round of a review. Mullen/LHC of Winston-Salem, N.C., had handled the advertising business.

Agency chief executive officer Joe McCarthy was familiar to client marketing executive Lisa Clark through consulting work he had done for Mullen/LHC on Winston cigarettes. Clark is a former Mullen/LHC staffer.

McCarthy, an ex-Nike marketing executive, joined former Hill, Holliday and Square One creative directors Fred Bertino and Jamie Mambro to form MMB.

The agency, which employs about 25 people, established itself as a player in the Northeast when it won the $18 million Jiffy Lube business in its first pitch in June. MMB also works for Boston Beer and introduced the client’s Samuel Adams Light brand with ads tagged “Taste the revolution.”

Although creative details for the furniture maker’s advertising are being developed, MMB, at the behest of the Thomasville, N.C., client, is conceiving a campaign that uses the image of movie star Humphrey Bogart.