Think Commiserates With Santas

A new TV spot from Think New Ideas shows some friendly mall Santas reminiscing about the good old days before they were unemployed.
The spot, shot documentary-style, touts Seattle-based virtual mall It follows the plight of mall Santas forced out of work by the online shopping boom. Narrated by an optimistic St. Nick, it shows Santas huddling around an oil-drum fire, trying to wash windows of speeding cars and holding signs reading, “Will work for food.” One, with a sign that reads, “Sit on Santa’s lap, only 25¢,” gets a donation from a passing cop.
“We built on Santa as an icon of the mall,” said Bruce Bulloch, creative director at Think, Seattle. “It’s a quirky premise to emphasize their humanity while still driving traffic to the Web site.”
The spot broke in October on national cable, and will air through the holidays.
The Think creative team included Bulloch, art director Lori Andrusky, copywriter Steve Murray and producer Lisa Cohen. Production at Pinnacle Studios in Seattle was handled by director and creative editor Jack Barrett, DP Bruce Donelan, designer Terry Wakayama, online editor Kevin Adams, producer Jens Lindequist and executive producer Geraint Owen. K