They May Regret It Later in Life

4 staffers at photo agency go under the needle for the cause

In a recessionary era like this, when a chief concern of many in the ad world is not letting the door hit them in the rear on their way out, the decision to have one’s employer’s logo tattooed on one’s person seems a tad shortsighted. Or is it a cry for help (or, more specifically, job security)?

Four staffers at KSC Studio, based in New York and Miami, have put their bodies under the corporate needle, but the weird part is, the print/digital photo agency encouraged it—even offering cash to anyone brave enough to take the dare. Pointing out that this probably makes resource director Gia Bonavilla, photographer Ellisa Gouak, merchandise coordinator Tami Fox and photographer Steve Golaski (not pictured) less fire-able is probably a bit cynical, considering how close-knit the group is. “We love where we work and spend a lot of time together, so this is not unusual,” says CEO George Kamper, who recently shot Turkel Advertising’s new campaign for the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The only requirement was that the tattoo be visible; the inner calf, quadracep, arm and toe appear to be the preferred spots. Neither the staffers nor the owners dared disclose how much money changed hands, but Bonavilla claims it was “a lot.”

Agency president Brad Tuckman admits the offer represents “an interesting approach to job security,” but he and Kamper are extending it to the other 18-20 employees. “It’s ongoing, and I think more people will get tattoos,” Tuckman says.