These Rhymes Have Reasons

Riders of Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) trains and buses will be reading more than newspapers during their summer commutes, thanks to poetry lovers.
DART this week rolls out Poetry in Motion, a summer pilot of a U.S. program coordinated by the Poetry Society of America.
Five different posters–with poems by William Shakespeare, Carl Sandburg and others–will be placed in the overhead ad spaces on 650 DART buses and in window-level displays on 40 light rail cars.
The program, designed to increase literacy and public awareness of poetry, has already been implemented in cities including New York, Atlanta and Chicago.
A committee of 30 Dallas publishers, educators, editors and booksellers selected the poems. Swieter Design of Dallas con-tributed the graphics for the posters.
Sue Bauman, DART vice president of marketing and communications, said: “We’re hoping the merits of the program will attract corporate or foundation funding so we can expand the program beyond our summer pilot.” –Steve Krajewski