That’s Using your bean

What some agencies will do for a good cup of joe.
Wunderman Cato Johnson in San Francisco won over Peet’s Coffee executives and landed the company’s estimated $3 million account by turning the agency’s corporate-looking creative department into a java palace.
It took four days and about $30,000 to bring in brick walls, industrial gutters, espresso machines, artwork and designer merchandise to create a classic urban coffee house, where the shop made its final presentation.
“We wanted to show Peet’s that we understood the image and soul of their brand,” said agency president Julio Deulofeu. “They liked it so much they asked us to help them with merchandising at their real outlets.”
Maybe later. For now, the shop will concentrate on magazine ads, direct mail, online work and in-store displays for the high-end coffee bean retailer.
As for the in-house java joint? It’s just a warm memory.
–Joan Voigh