TFA/Leo Burnett to Position InsightForum

TFA/Leo Burnett Technology Group has been selected to launch InsightForum. The budget is believed to be in the $5-7 million range.

The client had worked with Leo Burnett’s Lab division in Chicago, which specializes in corporate and brand planning issues. However, the Lab does not provide ongoing ad-vertising, so TFA was brought aboard, said InsightForum CEO Jane Carroll-Blankenship.

The shop’s appointment marks InsightForum’s first long-term agency relationship. The Andover, Mass., client is a spinoff of Forum Corp., an established corporate training and business consulting concern.

The business will be led at TFA by account supervisor Steve Hall.

“They understand the speed at which we have to move to exist in this marketplace,” said Carroll-Blankenship of the company’s decision to hire TFA. “They’ve done an extraordinary job getting in and understanding what we’re trying to do.”

InsightForum, which

offers products and services based on a model of collaboration and embedded learning, has charged TFA with developing its national positioning and branding.

Work will include the creation of InsightForum’s Web site, collateral and identity materials, as well as a campaign planned for the second quarter of 2001. “They have great assets and we need to shape and differentiate them quickly,” said Jeff Winsper, president of the Boston agency.

Advertising efforts will likely be print-focused, and will run in business and technology publications. Targets include senior-level sales and marketing executives, as well as multi-disciplinary teams working with customers.

The client has not run any ads since it spun off from Forum Corp. roughly a year ago.

“We were in stealth mode,” said Carroll-Blankenship, explaining that InsightForum was in a quiet period as it waited for a patent.

The win comes at an appropriate time for TFA, as the agency recently split with CMGI [Adweek, Oct. 30]. © Dan Wilby