Texans Personalize EADS Telecom in Print

DALLAS One of the pioneers in the development of voice over Internet telephony plans to raise its profile with a $500,000 print campaign developed by Construction Advertising and Design.

EADS Telecom North America, a Frisco, Texas-based subsidiary of European defense and aerospace giant EADS (European Aeronautics Defense and Space), is targeting data and telecommunications managers with the ad campaign that is breaking in the trade press this year.

“We’ve chosen the [publications] that have the more sophisticated readers,” said Kyle Priest, vice president of marketing for EADS Telecom.

The “What’s Next” campaign is designed to cut through the clutter of high-tech issues affecting information technology managers and bring a human face to the EADS system, Priest said.

“The market is confused about VoIP and the manufacturers aren’t helping,” said Priest. “Competitors are talking about “easy VoIP.” But, with our campaign, we’re saying that EADS is delivering innovations today that grow into tomorrow.”

Upon concluding a non-compete clause with Cisco Systems based on their former supplier relationship, EADS, which is a major player in the VoIP space in Europe, is seeking to increase its sales among midsize to large enterprises in North America, Priest said. The company has recently released its sixth-generation of voice over IP.

VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) offers the ability to transmit voice and data over the same line via the Internet, a process that reduces costs and improves efficiency by bypassing the switching systems of the traditional telecom networks. A number of companies are offering the technology, including Cisco, which has rocketed to near the top of the marketing mountain.

Each of the three print ads features a person using EADS’ technology. Compared to many of its rivals, EADS chose to use people in its advertising, not products, to personalize the message and allow viewers to see themselves in the ads, Priest said.

Construction, a small Dallas shop that has done work for American Airlines, the Boy Scouts of America and Dr Pepper, among others, has produced print ads for EADS Telecom and its predecessor, Intecom, since 1998.