Teva Gets in Touch With ‘The Naturist’

Teva has unleashed “The Naturist” to promote its new line of hiking shoes. The three-part online parody series stars Vice magazine co-founder Gavin McInnes. (The company describes it as “Mr. Bean meets Surivorman.”)

The first episode, “Honey/Water” launched today at The second and third installments will post Sept. 9 and Sept. 23. They promote the Riva and Dalea shoes.

McInnes has been in demand of late. He is also the star of Netflix’s “A Million in the Morning” viral campaign, which kicks off next month as well. The common link is the fact that both companies–Teva is owned by Deckers Outdoor Corp.–are involved by the creative agency/record label Decon.

“We wanted to create an unexpected campaign for a hiking product,” said Joel Heath, global marketing director for Teva. “We’re poking a little fun at ourselves and those who take on the outdoors armed with only a few nuts and their own urine to survive—and Gavin was the right man for the job. The partnership turned out to be a natural fit.”

Teva also announced, last week, the launch of a new scholarship program for adventure tour operators in conjunction with the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

The hiking shoe debut comes on the heels of record earnings for Decker Outdoor Corp. It announced that its second quarter sales increased 12.5 percent to $102.5 million in an earnings call late last month.

Deckers spends very little on traditional media. Last year it spent $2.5 million behind Teva, per Nielsen. This year, it spent $1 million for the first six months.