Ten United Promotes Star ATM Network

CHICAGO Ten United takes a lighthearted approach in getting financial institutions to use First Data’s Star network for ATM transactions in its first work for the client.

The business-to-business print campaign, which is breaking over the summer, shows how some customers use the ATM network in their everyday lives. One execution depicts a man with a ridiculous comb-over at a barbershop. “His wife, his kids and his barber couldn’t get him to change his hairstyle. But we changed how he parts with his money,” reads the headline.

Another ad presents a man watching television, with the headline suggesting that “summer reruns” haven’t changed his viewing habits, but the Star network has changed the way he pays his cable bills.

“We were looking for something that was intrusive and a little fun, and by using certain stereotypes people could relate to,” said Lance Mald, chief creative officer for the Pittsburgh agency.

The campaign is the independent shop’s first since winning the account last year. Spending was not disclosed. The Denver-based company spent $1 million on advertising its Star network last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.