‘Temporary’ Is Put Out of Work

The Loomis Agency’s new “Talent that works” slogan for Pro Staff was introduced in a full-page ad in USA Todaylast week.

The initial print effort from the Dallas shop targets employers. It shows a gathering of smiling people of various ages and nationalities looking up from the page. As a group, they form an exclamation point. The accompanying headline: “It’s a new day in the staffing business. Introducing talent that works from Pro Staff.”

The line, credited to Loomis executive creative director Mark Sullivan and creative director Alan Eskew, marks the end of a two-year study for the personnel service.

Direct-mail pieces also feature the punctuation mark. Sullivan said other symbols formed by workers are in development. One, a smiley face, shows people dressed in either black or yellow shirts and hats. Copy states, “We’d love to see your face again” and “Clients who work with our talent all have the same reaction.” A third application employs a dollar sign.

The shapes, according to Sullivan, extend the client’s positioning.

“Our product is people,” he said. “We showcase that by putting people together and creating symbols that viewers will relate to Pro Staff.”

Print and radio advertising directed at individuals will follow in the third quarter.

The challenges in repositioning the Dallas-based company included developing advertising messages that speak to both employers and employees.

Loomis scrapped the client’s previous slogan, “People you can count on,” because it primarily targeted employers.

“Even though the pool of available workers has grown in the last year,” said Sullivan, “recruiting and retaining candidates is still ex-tremely competitive. It’s normal for them to be with multiple staffing companies. We want them to stay with Pro Staff.”

Using the word “talent” instead of “temporary” in new ads, according to Sullivan, removed the negative connotations associated with the latter while flattering both companies and personnel.

“Everyone has a talent, a knowledge base,” said Sullivan. “What we discovered in the research is that people in this business want to work at what they’re good at. What Pro Staff promises to do is place the right talent in the right situation.”

Twenty-year-old Pro Staff is privately owned and has 230 locations nationwide. It competes with Kelly, Manpower and Randstad.