Empty rooms bathedin yellow sunlight. A couple, edging away from a real estate agent, seems to speak with their eyes. “This could be our new home,” they seem to say. “But can we afford it?”

Suddenly a telephone rings. A closeup of the screen display shows the call is from Wachovia, one of the South’s best-known financial institutions.It instantly shows the couple’s loanqualification.

Voiceover: “Instead of you running to the bank,what if the bank came running to you?”

The spot’s tagline: “Wachovia—Let’s get started.”

The television campaign was created by Mark Fisher and Frank Campion of Long Haymes Carr in Winston-Salem, N.C. Paul Dektor of Dektor Films directed.

The spots, which will run on A&E, Lifetime and CNN as well as Southeast networkaffiliates, demonstrate how the bank isapplying the latesttechnology to practical purpose.