TBWA\C\D Stuffs Deutsch

Former Occidental College point guard Tor Myhren led all scorers with 30 points and 10 rebounds as TBWA\Chiat\Day defeated Deutsch/LA last month, 83-66, in the rubber match of their annual basketball series. Myhren (Infiniti creative director) and Ryan Lehr (IT help desk) led a 12-0 run just before halftime from which Deutsch never recovered. Deutsch’s Travis Nagel managed 22 points, but Chuka Schneider (Nissan) countered with strong defensive “disruption.” Joe Bock (Pennzoil) added an explanation-point dunk with two minutes remaining. TBWA\C\D leads the season series, 2-1.

“I approach it the same way I do creative directing,” says Myhren. “Apply leadership, point people in the right direction, and let all the players on your team do what they do best.”

Deutsch got the trash-talking started with posters based on TBWA\C\D advertising: “iChoke”; “Live in your world. Airball in ours”; “Shift … Brick”; etc. TBWA\C\D ecd Rob Schwartz said he loved the posters, adding: “When you guys actually do iconic advertising, we’ll be able to get you back.” Ecd/ point guard Eric Hirshberg retorted that Deutsch had done just that: “two years ago, when you ripped off our iconic Mitsubishi campaign for Nissan.”

“I have the classic short-Jewish game: no paint, no D, good outside shot,” says Hirshberg, 5-foot-9, who drained a few key 3s from the skull-and-surfboards at center court. “We had better uniforms, better signs, better announcers, better cheerleaders. They had a better team. As I see it, we won, 4-1.”