TBS, USA Ready Specials

USA Network is looking to liven up its schedule during the dog days of August with “The Real Cannonball Run 2001,” a reality series commemorating the 30th anniversary of the cross-country race that inspired the 1981 Burt Reynolds movie “The Cannonball Run.”

The one-hour series, scheduled to run over five consecutive nights in August, will follow six teams of contestants as they traverse the country in souped-up vehicles in a race to California from New York to collect a $100,000 prize. GRB Entertainment is producing the series with Beau Flynn and Dawn Parouse. The teams will face all sorts of obstacles in their dash for cash, ranging from lost keys and siphoned gas to unexpected detours on pavement-challenged roadways.

Meanwhile TBS Superstation has greenlighted four new original movies to fill its “regular guy” Sunday night target demographic. Topping the list is the third installment of the “First Daughter” trilogy, starring Mariel Hemingway, which boasts the working title of “Hidden Target.”

“Hidden Target” — similar to the first two installments, “First Daughter” and “First Target,” which starred Darryl Hannah — revolves around the White House and various threats to the first family and the president, specifically. Hemingway plays the Secret Service agent charged with protecting the first family.