Taylor Made Tees Off

Blasts Rival’s Golf Balls as Underachievers
LOS ANGELES–Taylor Made-Adidas Golf, via FCB Worldwide, has taken direct aim at a competitor’s golf balls.
The Costa Mesa, Calif., shop has crafted two print ads that portray Taylor Made’s InerGel Pro Distance ball as superior to Callaway’s new Rules 35 (Red) ball.
“Don’t worry Callaway, you can always paint a red stripe on them,” reads the headline on one ad that broke in USA Today earlier this month. The red stripe is a reference to the no-name balls used at practice ranges.
Another execution reads, “Is that your final answer?” before introducing apparently contradictory quotes from a Callaway expert witness and a company executive regarding the reliability of mechanical testing of balls.
Both ads deride Callaway for investing heavily in a new ball that Taylor Made, Carlsbad, Calif., claims falls short of its own in distance tests.
“When we did our testing, we felt we flat out had a better ball,” said FCB vp, management supervisor Tim Fuhrman.
New TV spots for the InerGel Pro Distance balls break next week, but don’t target Callaway.
Callaway, which introduced its new balls this year, and Taylor Made, which launched its line in early 1999, are both chasing category leader Acushnet, which markets the Titleist and Pinnacle brands. K