A Taste Of Its Own Medicine

There’s nothing like a little cross-country rivalry to get people riled up.
The New Los Angeles Marketing Partnership, a consortium of businesses and local government entities, may have ruffled some feathers in New York with its recent full-page ad in The New York Times and the Washington, D.C., edition of the Los Angeles Times.
The ad from DavisElen in Los Angeles, shows an apple turning green with envy. “Uh-oh. New York’s just seen the latest statistics on L.A.’s economy,” it reads. The ad goes on to suggest that Los Angeles leads the country in new business startups, job creation and apparel jobs.
The ad was placed to alert Wall Street investors and Washington decision makers that Los Angeles has recovered economically and is now a 10-industry town, said Regina Birdsell, executive director of the public-private partnership. –Angela Dawson