TargetCast Reformats Fast Casual Net

TargetCast Networks, a place-based out of home media company specializing in casual and fast casual dining chains, announced plans Tuesday (May 11) to give its fast casual dining network a makeover in format and content.

The changes follow TCN’s acquisition last September of Ripple TV Network, a network in 623 “fast casual” dining locations such as Borders and The Coffee Been, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and New York. TCN also operates a Casual Dining Network in 750 locations such as Applebee’s, Chili’s and Hooter’s.

The new Fast Casual Network programming will debut across 623 locations on June 7. Instead of content drawn from the Internet, the new network will draw on lifestyle content from branded sources and original content. San Francisco-based Jones Digital Media has been retained to spearhead the content and programming strategy and execution.

“The focus will be less on delivering information, since so many people are carrying all of the information they need in their pockets these days, and more on creating a 10 minute visual and intellectual vacation during their busy day,” said Dylan Jones, founding partner of Jones Digital Media.

TCN also plans to expand the Fast Casual Network to 1,500 locations in the top 20 markets. As part of the expansion, the Fast Casual Network will adopt the screen format TCN developed for its Casual Dining Network, which features a main window for full-motion video and an L-Ad creative unit for advertising or lifestyle content.

The 10 minute content loop for the Fast Casual Network will offer six 15 second full motion video and flash ads.