Target “Pink Pepto”

Why is Pepto pink? If you happen to be shopping at Target and have a burning need to find out, feel free to stop by the pharmacy counter and ask. A new Target commercial promotes its pharmacy business by painting its pharmacists as friendly employees who will happily answer any question a shopper may have, no matter how trivial. Not sure if I quite buy that, but the spot does highlight a service that doesn’t automatically come to mind when you think about the retailer. The ad, created by Wieden + Kennedy, is nothing special. It shows images of a variety of shoppers and their inquiries, such as “Are $4 generics really just as good?” The spot ends with shots of the smiling pharmacists at work and the message, “We became pharmacists to find out, so come in and ask us.” The agency does a nice job with the graphic treatment, art direction and upbeat music to give the ad a bit of the stylish energy we expect from the brand. —Eleftheria Parpis