Tangelo Ideas Takes Root in Galveston

DALLAS Ernie Mosteller, an author and creative director who has founded production houses in New York and Florida, is launching an advertising agency in Galveston, Texas, called Tangelo Ideas.

Mosteller, who grew up on a citrus farm in Florida, styles the agency as part think tank that will build a client base in the Houston-Galveston metro area.

“Our job,” Mosteller said, “is to create great advertising wherever and however it’ll work best. Maybe online, maybe on TV, maybe in print, on radio, on your mobile phone, or maybe on a matchbook. We don’t care. We only care that it works.”

Author of a book on advertising entitled Use a Stick, Mosteller worked as a creative director at Filmworks in Miami and later at Image Point. In New York, he started his own production house, NurEye Films. After that, he created Fried Okra Entertainment.